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Rules & Amenities

1. Hall sits-up-to 150 people

2. You or your guest could bring in your own “Can” beer and liquor. No Kegs.

3. If beer is brought in an ice-chest; ice chest must remain in the kitchen.

4. No drinking is permitted outside of hall. No drink machines (e.g., frozen, daiquiri, etc.)

5. No extension cords can be used at any time.

6. Hall comes with a decorative arch (if you wish to use).

7. You may decorate the tables only. You may not place anything on walls and ceilings.

8. Hall can be set-up (chairs in order with a center aisle) for a Wedding or a Quinceañera.

9. Front and back doors must be closed at all times.

10. Security is included with the hall rental price.

11. No indoor or outdoor inflatable bouncers on property.

12. Your deposit, if applicable, will be mailed to you.

13. Contract must be signed by a Legal Aged Adults.

14. Hall is opened at 3:00pm and closed at 1:00am. Should you need the hall to be opened earlier than 3:00pm, $100/hour each additional hour.

15. Tables and Chairs may not be moved; they must remain in the same place as hall has presented to you when opened.

16. Non-compliance with Contract/Band or DJ Rules/Amenities forms (written or verbal) will forfeiture of your deposit.   

      Please talk with your Band/DJ to ensure they comply.

Band and/or DJ Policy

The Manor Hall is very happy to accommodate your band and/or DJ services at our establishment. We wish to inform you of the following rules, which must be followed by your band and/or DJ to ensure the return of your deposit.

1. No use of extension cords! These are potential fire hazard and cannot be used at any time.

2. The band and/or DJ must bring in their own table/chair to set up their equipment (turntable, etc.,). The tables and chairs at the Manor Hall are to be utilized by the guest.

3. Coordinate with the band and/or DJ to STOP playing in time for you to:

• Clean up
• The band and/or DJ to pack-up
• Time so say goodnight to your guest

*****Remember you have to be completely out by 1 am or you will forfeit your deposit*****

4. Inform the band and/or DJ to follow the directives from the Manor Hall or Security Personnel. Our personnel are very concerned for the safety of you and your guest.

5. The electrical plugs to be utilized are located on the floor of the stage. No other electrical plugs can be used!!!

6. Make sure that neither the band and/or DJ hang anything from the ceiling beams, rafters or  wall.

7. Band and/or DJ are not allowed to use Fog or Bubble machines.

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